Unique and  small series component producing

Successful development with prototype producing

  Making prototypes is a very important part of achieving and introducing successfully a technology or a new product. That is why it's key that the components are perfectly executed. In that case small series production is a good choice. During the producing process usually more prototypes are made, which makes it possible the fast testing and the introducing of the changes. 

 Thanks to our innovative technology, our specialist team have big experience in producing the components in small series. By using the documentation we produce the wanted component accured to our costumers needs. Our chipping coworkers are able to make the joined sizes with one hundred millimeter accuracy.

Why is our service popular?

 We are striving in every project to fit into the producing time accured to our costumers needs and to make the implementing of the task with a correct producing cost.

What provides the quality of the components?

 Our highly qualificated team of specialists guarantee the precizition and high-standard execution. Above that we take seriously the final and the intermediate production inspection, which allows us to provide continuous quality.

We are more than happy to help You too!

In that case if you need unique or small series production, please be confident to contact us!

egyedi és kisszériás alkatrészgyártás


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