The purpose of quality control

 An important aspect for us is the product to be good enough for the costumer. That means we have to be exact with the size and other porperties of the product.

 Develpoing and expending our quality control tecnology is taking a big part in our company's moving forward and it's competitive position. In line with the improvement in the production accuracy of machine tools and the expansion of the parts that can be manufactured, in addition to traditional measuring instruments such as push gauges, external/internal micrometers and depth gauges, we already have a coordinate measuring machine, surface roughness meter and contour measuring equipment. 

 This is our machine park that is waiting for the costumers and s ready to produce products within the measurement range.

 For our highly experienced colleagues, it is also not an obstacle if a device is needed for measurement, it can also be designed and manufactured.

We are more than happy to help You too!

In that case if you need quality control, be confident to contact us!

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