Tool designing and producing

Engineer accuracy, maximal record

 Tool designing requiers serious engineer work, exactitude and a lot of creativity. It's rightful to expect the ready tool not only to have the right parameters but to effectively support the  production. 

How we recognize a fine tool:

  1. It decreases the expenses of the production.

  2. Minimizes the downtime, makes the production more effective.

  3. Increases the tool machine's efficiency as it becomes more easily treatable.

 It is worth it to choose an appropriate tool material to have an effective, long time good useable tool. Using a qualitative raw material makes it possible to have less afterwork and contributes the safety of the operation. 

 Our experienced specalists are glad to help you by choosing the materal, making the documentation and even creating the tool. With our skilled coworkers support we can bring to life those kinds of tools, that make it possible to produce products or tools with precision accuracy.

Tool designing services

- Designing tools

Designing cutter, punching, pincher, deep-ender, bender tools 

- Producing tools

Producing tools with existing projects.

- Mounting and test

Mounting tools and trying them out with the biggest experience and caution.

The area of use

 Metalwork, engineering industry , bearing production, car industry, electronics

We are more than happy to help You too!

In that case if you need your tool designed or produced, be confident to contact us!



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