3D printing: big strength with easy realization

 3D printing makes it possible to create and realize complicated and detailed products easily, which help the engineers to test effortlessly the components' fitting and form property.3dnyomtatás

 Metal is a  liked material on the industry. Mostly not the metal is the decisive aspect in choosing but it's  advantageus property. That's the  reason why we use composite printer, which helps us to create and provide a component strong as aluminium for our costumers. 

 The Markforged composite printer operated by us is printing the component automatically layer by layer, that's how it creates the 3D object.

The advantages of 3D printing

 Against traditional procedures that produce products with material separation, 3D printing happens in an additive way, which has many advantages.

- 3D printing makes it possible to minimize excess material, because it uses only that much material that is necessary for producing the product.

-Prototype production is a lot more time efficient, that means it costs less.

- We are able to produce certain components that would be circumstantial to produce with chipping technology.

-It is possible to create obstacles/pieces with complex geometry.

-Based on a sample we can replace pieces that can't be found on the market anymore or don't have tachnical documentation.

-We can also repair more cost-effectively those equipments, that would require us to buy a hole new piece of component or replacement part. What makes it possible is that we can reproduce in different smaller pieces those defective parts.

Our services:

FDM technology

-Makin prototypes

-Suitable for producing functional parts

-It can be used for creating parts that are exposed to small and medium use

Maximum size of the parts: 320x132x154 mm

 The Onyx filament used by us is strenghtened with carbon fiber but there is a possibility to use other thread amplification to mend strength property and create composit material.

Available thread amplification

-fiber carbon 

-kevlar thread


 Our 3D printed parts are aluminium strength and they are comletely suitable for making prototypes,  performance other production tasks or for functional use.

3D desiging

 Next to producing we undertake the designing of the 3D printed parts suitably for the costumer needs. We provide an oppurtunity to modell and produce your failed parts. 

We are more than happy to help You too!

In that case if you need 3D printing, please be confident to contact us!

Price offer

Viktor Katona 

Tel.: 0654410262

E-mail: katona.viktor@keszgep.hu









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