Expertise and passion. Since decades.

Expertise, passion and dedication. Kész-Gép Kft has been based on these values for 30 years now. Learn about those values, that helped us  to grow into one of those determining companies that produce tools in our homeland.1618911376809


Values, that we are proud of:

- 100% Hungarian property

Our company is stable and has a secure financial background with 100 permanent customers.

-Decades-long cooperations

We have our largest relationship with our partners going back decades, both on the customer side and on the supplier side.

-An expert team

Behind the company is a skilled, well-accustomed, experienced team, which is famous not only for its expertise, but also for its good mood.

-Elastic solutions

We don't have too "small" or too "big" work, depending on our capacity and technological capabilities, we can meet all customer needs.

-Short deadlines

We know for sure that nowadays time is a key factor for everyone. That's also why we respond so fast and with a short period of time to our costumers needs even if it is about the easiest or the most complicated product.

- 30.000 nm depot

The last few years' constant development is making it possible for us to have a modern depot, which everybody just calls as the machine station around here.


Who are we recommending our service?

For foreign or domestic companies, for whom it is important that their supplier is always a stable and reliable market player in the tasks intrusted to him and fully fullfills the orders.

For companies looking for a flexible, highly experienced cutting partner for either complex or simple manifacturin or desig tasks.

Need more information? Are you curious about our prices? Send a request for a qoute to our specialists!

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